play:groundNYC is a non-profit organization advocating for young people’s rights by providing playworker-run environments that encourage risk-taking, experimentation and freedom through self-directed play. We work with communities to establish their own neighborhood playgrounds and play initiatives, and we operate The Yard, an adventure playground on Governors Island.


play:groundNYC is reimagining the urban environment as a place for all children to play, create and explore, regardless of demographic status. We do this by providing spaces for young people to play, providing professional development, school programming and training a new generation of playworkers.


Playwork is an approach to working with children that removes their barriers to play. Trained playworkers support all kinds of play through active engagement and awareness. They assess the benefits and risks involved in the play, on physical, social and emotional levels. They do not interrupt, offer unsolicited advice and suggestions, or break the flow of play. You can learn more about our approach to playwork here.